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Elimination Communicate

Elimination communication (EC) (also known as natural infant hygiene, infant potty training, potty whispering, and/or diaper free ) is a very ancient wholistic natural approach of listening and learning to communicate with your child to address their needs to eliminate waste without the use of diapers.  However it’s important to note that some parents do use diapers.  But, consistently avoiding diaper use may help to bring about permanent changes and quicker results.  Babies without diapers are the norm in less industrialized (developing) countries, which means it’s still being used by most of the world.  Although, more and more mothers within "developed” nations are beginning to release the notion that waste is suppose to stay ~glued~ to a child’s bottom, opting to use elimination communication as a better method.

EC helps both child and mother, but especially the mother.  She learns to become more attuned with her child's natural rhythms and communication signals, realizing that (like she and other adults) babies too have full bladder and sphincter control. Also it is important to note that EC can be started with babies of any age, but early on in infancy or directly after birth may work best.  Though ultimately, as a parent, it’s your call.  

Some (EC) Benefits
The repayment(s) that parents can receive for using elimination communication can be enormous.
ü  For starters, if you avoid diapers altogether, you will NOT have diaper expenses and the landfills will give you a thumbs up. 

ü  Also, no diaper wearing means no rashes, no chemicals or irritations on the babies skin, reduces “unexplained” discomforts, and bed wetting in their later years will NEVER be an option. 

ü  Plus it’s fun and teaches mothers how to trust their intuition and the communication of the child; so early on, EC’ing children will know that their mothers hear them.  You know, they’ll understand that they have a voice that’s being heard, acknowledged, and responded to.

ü  This supports children in developing and fortifying self confidence very early on, in infancy.  EC allows the mother to save and conserve energy as well, e.g. washing cloth diapers and changing them takes time! 
Furthermore, elimination communication is FREE, requires little to no supplies, eliminates potty training struggles, and teaches children healthy habits and self awareness – right from the beginning.

Couple (EC) Challenges
o   Initially, it can require more than the usual amount of detailed focus and attention from a mother.

o   It’s not on your time, you must have patience, and YOU, the mother (parent or caregiver), must not force this.

A Few Helpful (EC) Tips
·    Timing, signaling, cueing, and intuition are vital.  How often a baby has to eliminate will strongly depend on their feeding schedule, and what they’re being fed.

·    Eliminations usually occur after a feed, after a walk (especially if child was in a baby sling), right before and after baths, and before bed.

·    Take time to observe your child.  Signs are always there too.  Take time to notice them.

·    Gas may indicate that it’s time for a bowel movement.

·    Certain facial expressions, squirminess, sudden cry-outs, and detaching and relatching onto the breast may be a red light for elimination.

·    Some parents also cue while the child is eliminating to develop two way communications.  For urine, it can be pissss or defecation a grunt.  It just varies.  Some babies may need it while others won’t.

·    And, intuition becomes a mother best friend.  As the EC’ing mother awareness grows, so does the sense of knowing exactly when her baby has to eliminate.  Seriously, her subconscious will begin to let her know!
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